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Lucinda Taylor Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a well-established and successful approach to losing weight which, unlike calorie counting or yo-yo dieting, works on root causes for long-term success. Dieting often leads to short term success, as restrictive eating will generally mean fewer calories, but long term self-denial and cutting out whole food groups is unsustainable. The underlying urges to eat unhealthily remain, only to resurface when your guard is down. This is why many people diet repeatedly - they lose weight on a restrictive diet, get to their target weight, then resume their normal eating habits and put the weight back on, often with extra weight as they have slowed their metabolism by dieting and ended up with a distorted and disordered view of food. Then follows another diet. Diets often teach that some foods are bad or 'synful', making eating them a moral failing the dieter (rather than the diet) can be blamed for. Forbidden fruit is always more tempting, and restricting something makes it all the more tempting when the diet ends.

Eating should be pleasurable, life-sustaining, and an important part of loving your body, and hypnotherapy can help you reach that state.

Hypnotherapy is about helping you change your relationship with food for good, so you can still enjoy food and enjoy eating a varied diet, with nothing off-limits, but in a healthy and sustainable way.

I explore with you the emotions behind over-eating as well as your particular eating habits. By tailoring my approach to the hows and whys of your particular patterns of over-eating, we can make a long-term change for better health and more confidence.

I have also completed a Diploma in Nutrition, to better understand what the body needs to thrive and how to eat for health and well-being.